Metal Restorations

Dental alloys provide optimum strength for fixed prosthetics.

Gold alloys have proven to be the most reliable and biocompatible dental restorative material for centuries.

Dental alloys have ample strength for all prosthetic applications. They are economical and robust with universal porcelain compatibility.

Precious & Semi Precious Alloy Choices

Our most commonly requested Noble & High Noble alloy choices are listed below, If you have any special requests please enquire and we can provide further options and information on our full range of dental alloys available and current costs per gram.

Argenco Y+ N

Economical, Noble, full cast alloy with a warm yellow color.

Argenco 40 HN

High Noble Yellow Full Cast Alloy with 40% Au

Argedent Euro HN

High Noble White Full Cast Alloy with 40% Au

Argistar 43+ N

Economical, Noble, full cast alloy with a white colour.

Non Precious

Non-Precious alloys provide a very strong and cost effective solution for prosthetic applications.

Argeloy NP Special

White dental alloy - non-precious
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