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VTS Dental Lab

Specialists in Zirconia

Zirconia is a highly versatile material that can be used for a wide range of restorations, including crown and bridge work Read More

The Dental Lab Dedicated to Restoring Australian Teeth

What people expect of their dentist has risen substantially in recent years. But what many of the public don’t realise is there is a difference between dental practices and dental laboratories. You’re the dental guys in your neck of the woods – end of story. In many ways that is how it should be: you are their resource. Most people don’t even think about their teeth very much, but when they have trouble, they contact the nearest expert, which is you.

The public doesn’t know what zirconia is and how it is used in dentistry. They wouldn’t know Emax from Mad Max and they have no idea that porcelain fused to metal can produce fabulous results that are both very strong and great looking.

The days of simply filling and extracting teeth are history, and although you are still expected to provide those services as a matter of course, there is other work to be done too. Fixed dental prosthetics, implants, and appliances such as retainers and expansion devices have joined dentures on the list of what patients know can be done, and if it is possible, they reason, it should be possible in their neighbourhood. Australian teeth are in better shape than they have ever been – and so they should be.

We all have higher expectations in many areas, partly because of scientific advances but also because we can look things up on the internet, where whatever problem we have is revealed to have a solution. The trouble for many Australian dentists is that they are expected to be able to provide these things when they don’t have the facilities or expertise to make them. Fit them, yes, but produce them? Probably not.

Have you got a dental lab out the back of your office? Highly unlikely. But there is a dental lab in Australia where you can get everything you need, and importantly, this dental clinic lab is very cost-conscious. At VTS Dental Lab, we are aware that you have to pass on the cost to the patient, and if there is one thing an Australian values as much as quality, it is value for money.

How VTS Dental Lab Came About

Our team is a happy combination of dental technicians and experienced dental practitioners. That is how we make sure our products are up to the job. We use advanced technology and top-quality materials to facilitate restorations tailored to the individual. We have patiently built a multi-skilled team with knowledge of the whole industry, so whatever a patient’s issue is, we can help you resolve it.

Contact Our Dental Laboratories to Find Out More

We’ve got a dental lab in Sydney and a dental lab in Adelaide, and you can contact either lab by phone, email or by filling in the online form and we’ll get back to you. If you are in either city, you can come and see us too. Whichever way you choose to contact us, we will supply what you need promptly – at realistic prices. That’s what makes us the dental lab in Australia that can help you restore people’s teeth and enhance your reputation. Read Less

VTS Dental Lab

Leaders in IPS e.Max

The semitransparent quality of Emax restorations is unparalleled in its ability to match natural teeth making it a popular choice for Veneers to be made from this material. Emax is more bio-compatible than metal or PFM restorations.
VTS Dental Lab

We accept Physical & Digital Cases

Either send your impression to our Lab or you can send intraoral scans via our website, email, WeTransfer and all digital portals including; 3Shape, iTero, Sirona Connect, Shining 3D, Medit Link.

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