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Valplast® Flexible Partial Denture
Valplast material is very thin yet durable and flexible. Generally, Valplast dentures are much more comfortable than traditional dentures, but they cannot be relined, added to or fixed or if they break.
Acrylic Dentures
An affordable and long term solution to missing teeth.Acrylic dentures are easy to repair or add clasps for additional support or additional teeth if they are lost in the future.
Custom Trays
Custom trays are often needed to take an accurate impression for edentulous and partially dentate patients and are a great way to guarantee an accurate process from the start of the denture process.
Cobalt Chrome Framework (CoCr)
CoCr Dentures are the most popular option for long term removable tooth replacement. They are the strongest and most durable denture option that is extremely comfortable to wear.

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How Can a Custom Dental Laboratory Help You?

We understand dentists’ needs because we have been in the dental industry for many years. What we have observed is that many dentists had opportunities to increase their income through both practical and cosmetic work – if only they had easy access to the products they needed. That meant having a custom dental lab somewhere near to you, and there really aren’t that many.

We also observed that often such products were overpriced, and this was putting dentists off. That’s why we set up VTS Dental Lab: to provide fixed dental prosthetics, implants, dentures, and appliances at prices that patients would not find too expensive. And we provide the service online so we can help practitioners all over the country – and further afield if it comes to that.

This is your opportunity to add a lucrative new string to your bow, and it is certainly a lot cheaper and easier than trying to set up your own dental lab. Most dentists have enough on their plate without that and that’s why they establish a relationship with us. Read More

Why a Custom Dental Lab?

Buying dental products from a custom dental lab isn’t like buying a suit. Even if you get a jacket and trousers in the right size, they may or may not be a great fit for you. That’s not good enough in the dental world. With anything from orthodontic retainers to expansion devices, and crowns and bridges to implants, precision is everything. We have the technology to make and supply products to the exact specifications any dentist sends us. We use the latest materials including zirconia and eMax plus the best alloys to ensure durability and a natural look. Science is coming up with innovations all the time and we keep up to date with the latest ideas and solutions. Our team of professionals has great experience in all aspects of dentistry, so we can handle any issue you bring to us.

How Does CAD (Computer Aided Design) Work in a Lab for Custom Dental Products?

CAD is more commonly associated with architects but is now also indispensable in our line of work. After all, what are architects using it for? To model things. The things that end up being built are on a vastly bigger scale, yes, but it’s the same principle. We at our custom dental laboratory have in-house CAD expertise that, provided the details we are provided are accurate, enables us to recreate the dental landscape in a patient’s mouth and produce a finished product that fits and does the job perfectly.

How to Get Started with Our Custom Dental Lab

We have dental laboratories in Melbourne, Sydney, Caloundra and Adelaide, and you can call either one or email us if you prefer. Alternatively, just fill in the online contact form and we will get back to you.

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