Splint Orthopaedic Myofunctional Appliance


The SOMA uses a multifaceted approach to treating TMJ pain and dysfunction, growth and development, sleep, neck issues and much more. VTS Dental Lab are the World Exclusive manufacturer of SOMA devices.

Meet the inventor

Dr. Joseph Da Cruz
BDS, MDS, SOMA Inventor
Passionate Holistic Dentist, Dr. Joseph Da Cruz, pioneers the fusion of medicine and dentistry, focusing on Preventive Health, Pain Management, and TemporoMandibular Dysfunction (TMD). Renowned for over 40 years of successful practice in Australia, and overseas, he has treated patients globally.

Dr. Da Cruz's groundbreaking work includes the world-patented SOMA appliance and system. Developed in collaboration with mentor Dr. John Diamond, SOMA addresses dental and health issues non-invasively. A member of ADA, AACP, ASOMAT, and a fellow of ACNEM, Dr. Da Cruz lectures internationally, sharing insights on Malocclusion, TMD, Sleeping Disorders, and Mouth Breathing.

His 43 years of research reveal how jaw underdevelopment links to breathing obstruction, nervous system dysregulation, TMD, headaches, migraines, and postural/back problems. Dr. Da Cruz advocates early intervention for lasting health benefits, emphasizing simple lifestyle changes. His holistic approach extends beyond dentistry, encompassing general health, functional medicine, nutrition, psychology, and more.

Dr. Da Cruz's philosophy fosters a balanced professional and personal life. He actively engages in discussions, sharing his extensive knowledge for the collective improvement of health.

What does the SOMA do?

The SOMA platform decompresses the TMJ.

The TMJ is not a load-bearing joint. It is a facilitating joint and has cartilage. If it is compressed the growth centre is damaged. As the jaw joint or condyle drops, by wearing the appliance, the joint is decompressed, allowing the healing of the damaged tissues of the joint to take place, as well as to recapture the disc if displaced.

Disc recapture occurs quickly when the dental/skeletal midline is corrected. The SOMA being a removable splint as one part of its structure has a full occlusal platform that can help correct the midline. The platform also controls the eruption of teeth in the opposing arch that are low, allowing them to extrude and maintains the teeth that are high in place restricting further eruption. The adjustments are done such that only vertical forces are allowed on the posterior teeth and must be equal on the right and left. This is dependent on the severity of the individual case. This action keeps the lower jaw independent from the upper jaw, preventing the upper jaw from influencing the lower jaw. Generally in a class 2 type case, the upper jaw traps the lower jaw. This is particularly true in deep bite and narrow arch cases. Using a full platform that is correctly adjusted, un-traps the lower jaw and allows greater translation or longer centric movement. This further allows the lower jaw to translate forward of the upper jaw as in jaw protrusion, and come back to a preferable edge to edge position. Unhindered free movement in all directions and opening of 50mm or more is the goal of SOMA treatment.

Patients who present with an over jet usually have a retruded or distally positioned condyle. Often this results in a subluxation/displaced disc, particularly with a deep bite. In a closed lock scenario, typically the jaw has some hinge movement, not enough translation with muscle splinting. The over closure of the jaw joints results in loss of joint space as well as trapping the disc out of the joint in many cases and there is no clicking. on recapturing the disc there is resumption of clicking and with further healing and normal joint function the clicking can resolve The methodology for adjusting the platform is different from NTI or the Michigan splint. As the front platform is lowered and barely touching the lower teeth so that no damage occurs to the delicate lower front teeth. The posterior platforms are vertically higher, and promote forward movement and rotation of the jaw upward as opposed to making the face longer as in mouth breathing cases.

The methodology of adjusting is a very critical component in the success of the SOMA appliance and needs to be learned properly by the dentist issuing the appliance and thus only a highly trained dentist can do it properly.

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