The Art of a Dental Lab Design

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Valplast® Flexible Partial Denture
Valplast material is very thin yet durable and flexible. Generally, Valplast dentures are much more comfortable than traditional dentures, but they cannot be relined, added to or fixed or if they break.
Acrylic Dentures
An affordable and long term solution to missing teeth.Acrylic dentures are easy to repair or add clasps for additional support or additional teeth if they are lost in the future.
Custom Trays
Custom trays are often needed to take an accurate impression for edentulous and partially dentate patients and are a great way to guarantee an accurate process from the start of the denture process.
Cobalt Chrome Framework (CoCr)
CoCr Dentures are the most popular option for long term removable tooth replacement. They are the strongest and most durable denture option that is extremely comfortable to wear.

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How Does a Dental Design Laboratory Work?

The German designer Dieter Rams is quoted as saying, “Good design is as little design as possible”, and that could well be applied to dental lab design. That’s because in our line of work we are not reinventing the tooth, we are restoring teeth and fixing problems in the mouth with products that look as realistic as possible.

As Australia’s premier oral design dental lab, we use the latest techniques and materials to repair damage and replace lost teeth in such a way that the rest of the world wouldn’t know any work had been done. Only the patient knows what has happened, and if a dental design lab does its job properly and the dentist does their job well, the world regains a good, attractive set of teeth and everyone gets on with their life.

What Does Dental Lab Design Involve?

VTS Dental Lab produces everything from orthodontic retainers and expansion devices to veneers and fixed prosthetics. We use materials such as zirconia and eMax as well as the more traditional dental alloys. Often there will have to be a fairly long conversation in which the dentist outlines the options to the patient, pointing out the benefits of doing it a certain way and making sure the patient is not blinded by science. What they really want to know at the end of the day is that they will be getting a result that enhances their appearance – or in the case of a retainer, keep your teeth looking exactly the same way.

Patients will also, of course, want to know how much this is going to cost them, and they may have heard this type of work is expensive. What we can offer in this respect is realistic pricing. We know it’s not cheap and we are acutely aware that some of our competitors are charging excessive prices. As the oral design dental lab with a conscience, we are determined to pare the costs down as much as possible, while supplying a premium product.

CAD and the Dental Design Lab

In addition to the hands-on dental experience within our team, we have computer-aided design (CAD) skills which enable us to produce precise, comfortably fitting products. The old-fashioned way of taking physical impressions was okay in its time, but the world has moved on. The best way to work now is for the dentist to supply an intraoral scan so that we can create 3D models for such things as implants and veneers.

For the benefit of dentists who do not currently have access to such dental lab technology, we still accept physical impressions and models.

How to Contact the Best Oral Design Dental Lab in Australia

Dental lab design is indeed an art, and we aim to supply you with beautiful, utterly practical products. We have Dental Lab in Darwin, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, and you can contact us at either lab, by phone or email. Or just fill in the online contact form and we will get back to you.

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