About VTS Dental Labs

Our laboratory uses only the most advanced technology and high-quality materials to create restorations that are designed to fit the unique needs of each patient.

VTS Dental works closely with dentists to ensure that the restorations they produce meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

We are committed to providing personalized service and delivering restorations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Meet OurTeam


Chief Operating Officer

Chantelle is a seasoned professional in the field of dentistry, with an impressive track record spanning two decades. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at VTS Dental Lab, Chantelle has consistently demonstrated expertise and innovation in the world of dental care.

With a primary focus on implants and digital integration within dentistry, Chantelle has been at the forefront of revolutionizing dental practices, streamlining processes, and enhancing patient care. Throughout her career, She has continually strived to merge cutting-edge technology with the artistry of dentistry, creating a seamless and patient-centric approach to oral healthcare.


Chief Financial Officer

Fay Saad brings over 15 years’ experience in Management Accounting with finely tuned skills in forward looking strategies, modelling leadership and more.

She is Responsible for directing the company finances and overseeing the budget across all departments, additionally she uses her impeccable vision and leadership in order to determine the optimal strategies for financial investment in order to ensure company growth both in short and long term.

Fay Graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Business.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading, cooking and travelling.


CAD CAM Manager

I’m Saba – Certified Dental Technologist at Sydney Dental Lab by VTS Dental
I graduated with bachelor degree in dental technology and spent a full course in Implant dentistry – Laboratory view. Winning several awards as a top student and cooperating in publishing books regarding laboratory procedures are other achievements of my academic life.

With almost a decade of experience working in the ceramics department, Implant and digital dentistry, I joined VTS Dental Lab Sydney to help you with technical support and to make sure you spend less time chair side.

I also enjoy sports; running, swimming and hiking in particular, in my free time.


Dental Technician

Omar's commitment to excellence is evident in his unceasing quest for knowledge and staying current with the latest developments in dental technology. He understands the importance of staying at the forefront of his field, and he actively maintains the highest levels of accreditation while embracing ongoing education to further his expertise in the manufacturing of dental restorations.

Outside of his professional life, Omar's interests span a wide spectrum. He takes pleasure in immersing himself in literature during his leisure time, allowing books to broaden his horizons. When not engrossed in reading, he seeks balance and relaxation through the camaraderie and physical activity that sports offer. Playing sports provides him with a healthy counterpoint to the meticulous and detail-oriented work of a dental technician.

Omar Mahmoud's story is one of dedication, global experience, and a holistic approach to life. His commitment to the dental profession, paired with his passion for continued learning and personal interests, showcases a dental professional who not only excels in his craft but also brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his life and the lives of those he touches.


Dental Technician

Pedro is a distinguished dental professional who hails from Brazil but has made his mark in Australia. With a career spanning over a decade, Pedro has become renowned for his dual roles as both a dentist and a dental technician. His journey in the world of dentistry showcases a deep commitment to the craft and a passion for serving patients with the highest standards of care.

Trained in Brazil, Pedro brought his expertise to the shores of Australia, where he quickly established himself as a trusted name in the dental community. His ability to bridge the gap between clinical dentistry and laboratory work has made him an invaluable asset to the field.


Business Development Manager

I provide operational support for the smooth running of the business. I pride myself in running an effective and professional support service to our clients.

I am Eager to learn new traits and step out of my comfort zone to help achieve success.

I aspire to learn all I can to improve what I know and what I can offer.

When not at work, I love reading, dancing and sharing meals with my loved ones.


Business Development Manager

India is the Business development manager for our South Australian team. India has 8 years’ experience working in the dental industry. She has worked as a dental assistant in Ortho, General dentistry and Implants.

India brings a wide range of knowledge to the team not only in dentistry but account management and sales as well.

In her spare time, India enjoys keeping fit, and writing music with her bandmates. 


Customer Care Team Leader

Hi, I’m a customer care representative at VTS Dental Lab. I have a background in dentistry. As a customer care representative, I’m committed to providing the best care through communication and high-quality service. Outside of work, I love to travel around and take pictures. 

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