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Average Turnaround Times

We understand that you need your patients’ cases turned around quickly.
That’s why we’re dedicated to quick turnaround times, without ever compromising on the work or quality that we send out.
You’ll receive a confirmation email once we’ve received your case in our lab. When your case is ready for dispatch, we’ll send you a second email advising you that it’s on the way, with tracking details for your added convenience.
Material TypeTurnaround
Zirconia Crowns9 in-lab days
IPS e.max® Crowns9 in-lab days
Gold Crowns9 in-lab days
PFM & PFZ9 in-lab days
Single Implant Crowns9 in-lab days
Diagnostic Wax-Up2 in-lab days
Nylon Splint (Hard)9 in-lab days
Occlusal Splint (Hard/Soft)9 in-lab days
Mouthguards9 in-lab days
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