Zirconia Dental Prosthetics

Zirconia is a highly versatile and strong material that can be used for a range of dental restorations including crown and bridge work, and it is available from your nearest VTS Dental Lab.
Ultra High Strength
Monolithic Zirconia
Ultra Zirconia’s High Strength and opaque color are optimal when dealing with dark stumps or for use over custom abutments. ArgenZ Ultra can be used with any coloring system including the Vita shades and absorbs 100% of the coloring throughout the restoration.
Ultra Translucent
Monolithic Zirconia
UT Monolithic Zirconia is highly recognised within the dental industry for its high translucency and good aesthetics, without compromising on strength. UT Monolithic Zirconia is more durable than other all-ceramic restorations, making it suitable for large anterior cases, implant restorations and anterior or posterior bridges.
Multi Layer
Multi Layer Zirconia is suitable for small or large scale anterior cases as well as full mouth restorations where a more natural but highly aesthetic result is desired. Furthermore, Layered Zirconia can disguise darker stumps and ensure the underlying colour is not seen.

Industry-Leading Zirconia dental crowns by VTS Dental Labs

Different varieties of zirconia are available to suit both anterior and posterior applications. One of the key advantages of using zirconia is its high strength. This makes it an excellent choice for restorations that require superior coverage. The opaque variety of zirconia has been shown to be highly effective at blocking out unfavourable stump discolourations. Additionally, zirconia is also available in multilayer and translucent varieties, making it an ideal option for those seeking to achieve the most aesthetic results.

Due to its unique optical properties and exceptional strength, Zirconia is commonly used in a range of applications, including crowns, bridges, post and core, coping, and frameworks.

Dental technician or dentist grinding the jaw during production.

What Is So Special About a Zirconia Dental Crown?

Most dental laboratories are switching from porcelain to zirconia to create fixed dental prosthetics thanks to its natural strength and durability. Derived from zirconium, this material comes from the titanium family and can be found worldwide in everyday household items such as pipes, electrical fixtures and dinnerware. Because of its superior strength, dental crowns made from zirconia are ideal, especially for patients who need posterior crowns that require strength for masticating food.

Zirconia crowns are at least three times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations and can withstand wear and tear without chipping or breaking, and if properly maintained can last a patient's lifetime. Zirconia can be processed and manufactured in many different ways to suit the patient's needs, and customization is easily achieved to fit any size or shape to match the rest of the patient's teeth, providing them with a perfectly natural smile.

What are Zirconia Crowns Suitable With?

Zirconia is extremely versatile in its uses, making it the ideal choice for those looking for optimal aesthetic results. Multi-layer zirconia is well-suited to full mouth restorations as the opaque colour and layers disguise darker stumps and ensure the underlying colour is not seen, resulting in an extremely natural-looking mouth full of teeth.

Monolithic zirconia is well recognized for its high translucency and good aesthetics while still maintaining its incredible strength and is extremely suitable in the production of anterior and posterior zirconia bridges, and as it is more durable than other ceramic restorations, it is suitable for larger cases and implant restorations. It can be used with any colouring system and absorbs 100% of the colouring throughout the restoration.

If you are looking for dental prosthetics that will provide your patient with reliability, durability and exceptional strength that can be customized to give a natural appearance, then zirconia is the material to choose. Older style restorations are becoming a thing of the past; porcelain-fused-to-metal often shows the darker metal colour at the gingival margin even though the porcelain overlay is colour-matched to the teeth, especially when there is gingival recession. A zirconia crown avoids the metal lining and can be manipulated to match the rest of the patient's teeth. Look to the future and check out our zirconia dental prosthetic range today.

Why Choose VTS Dental Lab for Your Cosmetic ZR Crowns?

At VTS Dental Lab, we not only use materials of the highest standard, but we also offer top-quality products at the most competitive prices you can find. We are owned by our manufacturing facility which has been established for over 20 years and is the largest in the southern hemisphere, and we have the knowledge and experience of a highly qualified team of professionals.

Our customer service is next to none, with both dental technicians and qualified dentists ready to answer any questions you may have, whether it's concerning ZR crowns or intraoral scanners we are here to help. You can upload your cases directly to our lab and enjoy free pick-up and delivery on all of your jobs. Call or email us today to find out how we can help.

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