IPS e.Max

The semitransparent quality of Emax restorations is unparalleled in its ability to match natural teeth making it a popular choice for Veneers to be made from this material. Emax is more bio-compatible than metal or PFM restorations.
e.Max Crowns
Ultra Zirconia’s High Strength and opaque color are optimal when dealing with dark stumps or for use over custom abutments. ArgenZ Ultra can be used with any coloring system including the Vita shades and absorbs 100% of the coloring throughout the restoration.
e.Max Veneers and In Lay/On Lay
UT Monolithic Zirconia is highly recognised within the dental industry for its high translucency and good aesthetics, without compromising on strength. UT Monolithic Zirconia is more durable than other all-ceramic restorations, making it suitable for large anterior cases, implant restorations and anterior or posterior bridges.
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